Specialist 7 Day VIP Protective Security


7-Day   VIP/ Protective Security Driver Training Course to include Millbrook Proving Ground

Course Introduction

Driving is statistically the most High Risk activity most people undertake and this is more so when operating as a Close Protection Operative or Security Chauffeur.  The client/principle is most at risk when travelling by road and this risk can be reduced with having a properly designated, trained and skilled driver at the wheel.  The driving discipline is an integral part of the CPOs operational role.  Our 7-Day   VIP/ Protective Security Driver Training Course is designed to enhance the essential driving skills and competencies of a CPO.  This will enable you to efficiently provide mobile protection and security to both the client and other team members. The professional driver needs to be highly skilled and knowledgeable on all aspects of driving; including, observational skills, anticipation, situational awareness and possess a deep understanding of vehicle control, dynamics and handling skills.  The role, with an ever-changing and potentially unstable environment can raise exposure to risk where evasive and anti-hijack techniques may be required.  These skills require a driver to possess very high skill levels of Roadcraft and Superior Car Control.

By attending the 7-Day  VIP/ Protective Security Driver Training Course you will:

  • Enhance your potential employability within the security sector.
  • Gain an additional important discipline in your role as a CPO and being Multi Skilled.
  • Place yourself above your peers with Continual Professional Development.
  • Gain the skills required to operate effectively and confidently in your professional role as CPO/Driver and adding an additional safety measure to protect the principle.

Course Syllabus:

  • Comprehensive Advanced and Defensive Driving Techniques – to the Police System of Car Control – Roadcraft and RoSPA assessment standards.
  • VIP – Close Protection Driving Techniques.
  • Mental skills for better driving.
  • Vehicle Search Techniques.
  • Chauffeur Protocol and Etiquette – Driver and PPO.
  • Situational Awareness.
  • Mobile Security and Threat Awareness.
  • Route Selection and Planning.
  • Vehicle Familiarisation and Equipment.
  • Understanding Tyres, their importance and critical safety.
  • Mobile Security and Anti-ambush techniques.
  • One and Two Car VIP Escort Drills.
  • Embus and Debus Drills.
  • Anti-Surveillance Awareness.
  • Accident Management and Medical Kits.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control Skills.
  • Understanding Electronic vehicle safety systems such as ABS, Traction Control and vehicle stability control programmes and their application.
  • RoSPA Advanced Driving test/qualification – BTEC Award.
  • Privileged access to a Half day at Millbrook Proving Ground comprehensively covering Car Control and Vehicle Dynamics.
  • Certification from both RoSPA and Tracks Apart.

Course Details

  • Certification – Successful applicants of the RoSPA test will be awarded on application a BTEC Level in Advanced Driving and certification from Tracks Apart.
  • Location – Brecon, Mid Wales (can also be delivered at alternative venue prior to approval)
  • Course Duration – 7 Days
  • Course Fees – to include cars, fuel, hand-outs, use of Millbrook Proving Ground, Advanced Driving test fee.
  • Food and Accommodation – Not included
  • Course Fee – £1695.00
  • Accommodation – See Links Page

Course Dates

  • TBC

How to Book

Enquiries – If have any questions or enquiries regarding the course please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your continuous driving development and reaching your goals to attain and master Superior Car Control.

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