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My passion for driving has evolved over the last 30 years, a journey that has brought immense enjoyment and fulfilment, facing many challenges along the way on both four and two wheels, heavy and light vehicles.  Firstly during my 25 year military career culminating in holding the prestigious Master Driver appointment the pinnacle of the driver trade which I held for 9 years.

Over the years, my passion for driving continues to grow on the road to driving mastery and passing on my knowledge and expertise to those I teach and coach.  I have, without doubt had the privilege to have worked with and been taught by some of the best trainers and coaches in the industry, on road, off road and on the track.  A highlight on my journey has been having the opportunity to train and work with the distinguished and highly regarded South Wales Police Driving School, who have without doubt an enviable track record within the driver training and coaching discipline.  I was fortunate to have received instruction from them on numerous courses achieving the highest accolade and qualifying as a, Police Class One Driver, which places the successful candidate at the pinnacle of a 1.6 % of drivers within the UK holding this prestigious qualification.

My travels have taken me around the world working in over 31 countries in both military and civilian guise throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East delivering professional consultancy services and solutions in hostile, austere and high risk areas on behalf of major security risk management companies, oil & gas, exploration and mining sectors.  Delivering a multitude of disciplines including, defensive, advanced, off road driving, winching and all aspects of armoured (light & heavy)vehicle driver training covering evasive, tactical, close protection, security chauffuering and PSD driver training.  I have also spent several winter seasons teaching specialist snow and ice driving techniques and worked with the MoD, Army, Swedish and Norwegian Police on iced lakes and tracks in conjunction with BMW.  Training and coaching development has been undertaken with Land-Rover UK for off road driving and winching.

The last 5 years have concentrated on the performance aspect of driving undertaking training and working with a highly regarded and eminent car control and track coach and more recently with Porsche UK.  I also actively continue to deliver training in the UK for high profile clients, individual driving enthusiasts, CPOs and security training providers.  Within the wider community, I support Advanced and Defensive driving skills and conduct examinations on behalf of RoSPA for individual enthusiasts striving to gain further qualification and recognition as an Advanced Driver.  Throughout my career, I have ensured my development is constant.  I continue to use a coach and leading authority on driving skills to keep me sharp and current and to continually refine my abilities and maintain excellence.  In essence, skills coupled with real, varied and diverse worldwide experience that will be passed to you the customer.  My ethos is to Diligently Provide Excellence in all I teach.  Grab a coffee and take a look through the web site and see what solutions and services are available to you and start the journey! I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your continuous driving development and reaching your goals to attain and master Superior Car Control. Remember ‘Every Day is a Learning Day’

Best Regards Paul – Director Tracks Apart Ltd

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