High Performance Driving

Tracks Apart High Performance Driving Course

Course Introduction

The High Performance Driving course is designed to provide the driving enthusiast the opportunity to understand the capabilities of their vehicle and explore the limitations and sometimes beyond, in a safe and controlled environment.

When owning a high performance vehicle, a different set of skills and techniques are required to achieve the very best from your investment and understand critical safety margins.  It is prudent to invest in the skills of the driver to gain maximum benefit, understand the characteristics, the inputs required and ultimately gain confidence to safely enjoy your car in all conditions.

Many individuals employ coaches in for instance, say golf, tennis, musical instruments, and skiing, but how many people employ the services of a driving coach to gain greater skills, understanding and advancement in their driving ability.  It is estimated the second most expensive purchase after a house is the motor car in the majority of cases, an investment that should be protected.

So why not take the opportunity to explore the vehicles performance and safety features and gain a real understanding of your vehicles characteristics at Millbrook Proving Ground with structured training.  (Other venues are available).  You will experience maximum enjoyment and exhilaration whilst equipping yourself with the knowledge and essential skills to develop Superior Car Control when driving your high performance vehicle.

Our High Performance courses can be focused on both track and road with the course objectives tailored around your specific goals and learning objectives to gain maximum benefit and develop superior car control.

Examples of a selection of Skills & Techniques that can be covered :

  • Correct set up and seating position to maximise full control.
  • Understanding Tyres, their importance, what we expect from them, how they work and their critical importance to safety.
  • Principles and Understanding of Vehicle Dynamics & Stability – balance, weight transfer and grip in order to optimise your vehicles handling.
  • Effective Observation & Planning techniques for higher speeds.
  • Braking Techniques – Left foot braking, trail braking, threshold braking and cadence braking.
  • Understanding electronic vehicle safety systems such as ABS, Traction Control and vehicle stability control programmes and their application.
  • Stopping Distances – High speeds
  • Limit Points, Positioning, Correct Bend Assessment, Corner Lines and Cornering techniques
  • High Speed Lane changes and Emergency Avoidance Skills
  • Steering Techniques – Rotational, Combination, Single input, Pull-Push steering
  • Understanding and correcting – Oversteer, Understeer and Lift Off Oversteer, Throttle balance and steering
  • Skid Control & Avoidance
  • Effective use of Gears – Rev matching, Down Shifting and Heel and Toe

By attending the High Performance Driving Development course you will:

  • Gain the rewarding satisfaction in improving your overall driving skills and safety with maximum enjoyment.
  • Through increased skills and awareness reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident and reduced running costs.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Superior Car Control and associated vehicle dynamics.

Course Details

  • Certification – Tracks Apart.
  • Location – Millbrook Proving Ground (Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements and location as we have access to a number of suitable training locations around the UK).
  • Course Duration – 1/2 Day or Full Day
  • Car –  All training to be undertaken in your own fully insured vehicle
  • Course Fees –  
    • Road Focussed – Half Day  £225.00 or Full Day  £ 350.00
    • Track Focussed – Half Day  £ 550.00  at Millbrook Proving Ground
    • Road & Track combination – Full Day  £ 795.00 to include Millbrook Proving Ground
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Course Dates & Enquiries

  • Please contact us for availability and to discuss your individual requirements and book the High Performance Driving Course.
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We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your continuous driving development and reaching your goals to attain and master

Superior Car Control

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