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Defensive Driving & Situational Awareness Course –  (DDSA) -VIP & Sports

Course Introduction

The Defensive Driving & Situational Awareness Course – VIP & Sports is specifically designed to equip high profile celebrities, professional sports persons, executives and VIP clients with the required driving skills, knowledge and techniques associated with high performance vehicles.  Skills that will increase confidence and situational awareness thus minimising potential risk to themselves, their families and other road users.

In some cases, high profile individuals employ the professional services of a security team or a security driver/chauffeur to convey and protect them and their family on a daily basis.  On the other hand, other successful individuals and families prefer to drive themselves, with this personal success comes access to a range of the very best high performance luxury marques.  Powerful and fast performance vehicles that have different handling characteristics requiring additional skills, knowledge and expertise to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.  In some cases the individuals will not have received any additional driver training to understand the complexities and potential risk associated with a high performance vehicle if not driven correctly.

There is an inherent risk when driving, it is statistically one of the most dangerous everyday activities people undertake.  High profile individuals are in the public eye whilst being denied valuable privacy, with attention from the media and public alike attracting unwanted exposure and potentially dangerous distraction’s when driving.

By undertaking structured and specific defensive driver training you will minimise the associated risks of being involved in an accident.  Incidents that are far too familiar on our roads today of which we are constantly reminded through the media.  This could range from a small embarrassing incident to something more serious with more far reaching consequences, possibly a career threatening injury or a fatal incident involving passengers and other road users.  The potential damage to your reputation and career could be immeasurable.

During our comprehensive structured one day training experience delivered on both road and a secure off-road area, you will learn essential dynamic driving skills and techniques to improve situational awareness and increase safety.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the vehicle and its safety systems equipping yourself with the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able anticipate and deal with any emergency situation before it develops.  We will assist you to master the art of driving in a safe, controlled and confident manner and teach you valuable life saving techniques that can be utilised on a daily basis to protect you, your family, your reputation and livelihood.

‘Training improves and raises confidence and that development enables the individual to identify risk when driving and respond with the appropriate and timely action’

Who will benefit

  • Professional sportsmen and women.
  • High Profile celebrities.
  • VIP and high net value individuals.
  • TV and media celebrities.
  • Sports teams and academies.
  • Business leaders and executives.
  • Family members and associated nannies.

Syllabus – Please Contact us for further details and information 

Course Details

  • Certification – certification from Tracks Apart.
  • Location – Various locations throughout the UK.
  • Course Duration – 1 Day
  • Course Fees – to include comprehensive précis, hand-outs, use of secure off road area.
  • Food  –   Lunch, snacks, hot and cold drinks included.
  • Car – All training will be conducted in your own car to gain maximum benefit, however a car can be supplied on request and an additional charge.
  • Course Fee – POA

Course Dates & Enquiries

  • Please contact us for availability and to discuss your individual requirements and to book the Defensive Driving & Situational Awareness Course –  (DDSA) -VIP & Sports

By undertaking a Defensive Driving & Situational Awareness Course  DDSA– VIP course with Tracks Apart you can be rest assured that the highest quality of coaching, instruction and safety will be delivered at all times.  We take pride in all we do and to assist others in developing and raising their driving skills, which in turn will produce a higher skilled, confident and safety conscious driver.  Assisting you, in safely dealing with the unexpected risks and challenges on the road today.

‘Complete confidentiality and discretion guaranteed’

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