Millbrook Driving Experience

The Millbrook Driving Experience

Millbrook’s test track facilities are amongst the finest available commercially anywhere in the world.  Millbrook Proving Ground is located near Ampthill in Bedfordshire set in an impressive 700-acre facility.

It is a leading vehicle and driver test ground and is an ideal location for driving enthusiasts to develop their car control skills and explore car and driver handling techniques and dynamics; in a challenging, controlled and safe environment.  

Facilities available include the following:

  • Mile Straight – for acceleration, gear changing and braking techniques
  • High Speed Bowl – 2 miles in length, 5 lanes banked up to 35 degrees, perfect to deliver extended forward observation skills, high speed driving, balance, stability and steering response.
  • Steering Pad – Exploring oversteer and understeer techniques and on-limit cornering.
  • Hill Routes – An alpine handling circuit with a great variation of driving  challenges to explore, with a range of different cambers, bends, gradients, blind crests and dips.  A perfect and exhilarating route to perfect your car control skills and vehicle handling.
  • Outer Handling Circuit – a mini circuit to test all your car control skills and accuracy. 

High Speed Bowl                                                               Alpine Loop



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