Specialist 5 Day Security Chauffeur


5-Day Security/Chauffeur Driver  Training Course to include Millbrook Proving Ground

Course Introduction

The role of the Security Driver/Chauffeur can provide a rewarding and varied career with many opportunities available in the current market providing high levels of service to the following:

  • Private High Profile (value) individuals and families
  • Corporations and organisations
  • Business Executives
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment industry
  • Chauffer for hire car companies
  • Working as an individual with a prestige car – Sub-contracting
  • Airport – Airline services

 The professional driver will require high levels of anticipation , awareness and driving skills coupled with vehicle sympathy and superior car control.  The driver, will, have in some cases, access to a selection of high performance vehicles to convey the principle/client and family on occasions; with some employers/organisations possessing a varied fleet of vehicles for different activities.  As such, the professional driver must possess the associated skills and knowledge to adapt to different vehicles and convey the principle/client in a safe and smooth manner.  The driving discipline is the single most important aspect of the Security/Chauffeur driver’s role.  Our    5-Day Security/Chauffeur Driver Training Course is designed to provide you with the essential driving skills and competencies to become a successful chauffeur/security driver.

By attending the 5-Day Security/Chauffeur Driver Training Course you will:

  •  Enhance your potential employability within the security and chauffeur sector.
  •  Place yourself above your peers with Continual Professional Development.
  • Gain the skills required to operate effectively and confidently in your professional role as a Security/Chauffer Driver, adding an additional safety measure to protect the client.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the system of car control and associated vehicle dynamics.

Course Syllabus

In summary:

  • Comprehensive Advanced and Defensive Driving Techniques – to the Police System of Car Control – Roadcraft and  RoSPA assessment standards
  • Mental skills for better driving
  • Chauffeur Protocol and Etiquette
  • Situational Awareness.
  • Mobile Security & Threat Awareness.
  • Vehicle Familiarisation and Equipment.
  • Understanding Tyres, their importance and critical safety
  • Embus and Debus Drills (Picking up – Setting Down).
  • Accident Management and Medical Kits
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control Skills
  • Understanding Electronic vehicle safety systems such as ABS, Traction Control and vehicle stability control programmes and their application
  • RoSPA Advanced Driving test/qualification – BTEC Award
  • Privileged access to a Half day at Millbrook Proving Ground comprehensively covering Car Control and Vehicle Dynamics
  • Certification from both RoSPA and Tracks Apart

Course Details

  • Certification – Successful applicants of the RoSPA test will be awarded on application a BTEC Level in Advanced Driving and certification from Tracks Apart.
  • Location – Brecon, Mid Wales (can also be delivered at alternative venue prior to approval)
  • Course Duration – 5 Days
  • Course Fees – to include cars, fuel, hand-outs, use of Millbrook Proving Ground, Advanced Driving test fee.
  • Food and Accommodation – Not included
  • Course Fee – £ 1295.00
  • Accommodation – See our Links Page

Course Dates & Enquiries

  • TBC
  • Please contact us for availability and to discuss your individual requirements and book the   5-Day Security/Chauffeur Driver Training Course.
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We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your continuous driving development and reaching your goals to attain and master

Superior Car Control

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