Corporate Risk Management Driving Safety Solutions


Corporate Risk Management Driving Safety Solutions

Driving still remains the single largest cause of fatalities in the OGP and security industry.  Through the delivery of professional, high quality and structured training coupled with a proactive approach this risk can be minimised.

‘TRACKS APART’ offer a comprehensive range of solutions and specialised training courses to enhance driving skills that benefit individuals, organisations and companies and guide them to improving Driving & Safety Standards.  The training we deliver meets national standards and is delivered by qualified, approved and experienced trainers.  Bespoke yet flexible, it can be dovetailed with existing procedures or stand alone, whether conducted in an urban setting or a more austere and challenging environment.  Tracks Apart aims to meet the challenge with experience and excellence.

Tracks Apart have successfully delivered the following comprehensive training packages in compliance with Health and Safety guidelines:

  • Bespoke 6 Day – LAV Defensive and Tactical Driving Course designed for LNs working in the security industry supporting petro chemical organisations.
  • Training to cover the syllabus for OGP 365
  • Defensive Driving
  • Advanced Driving
  • PSD/Tactical Driving
  • Evasive Driving Techniques
  • Armoured vehicle training – LAV & HAV
  • Off Road 4 x 4 driving
  • Desert and Sand driving
  • Recovery, Towing and Winching
  • Driving Assessors Courses
  • Driving Instructor Courses
  • Train the Trainer
  • Light, Heavy and PSV driver training
  • Journey Management
  • Land Transport Management Audits
  • Road Safety Presentations
  • Speed Awareness training
  • Fatigue management
  • Alcohol and Drugs Awareness


By participating in and supporting Driver Training & Development within your organisation, you will, in addition to adhering to Health & Safety Regulations and therefore reducing overall risk, benefit from the following:

  • Incident reduction of up to 70%
  • Immediate reduction of Corporate and Personal Liability
  • Protection of Employees, Equipment and Assets
  • Enhanced Company image and profile
  • Increased Productivity and effectiveness
  • Fulfilment of Duty of Care
  • Financial Benefits
  • Enhanced Driver satisfaction
  • Skills for Life
  • Lower maintenance and running costs

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